Online follow-up Events, next 15. November 15:00 CET

We have started free follow up webinars for those who have participated in our Scrum and Agile Lean Leadership courses. The format is a short presentation of an interesting or new topic (approx. 20 min) and then an opportunity to ask – also general – questions and participate in the diskussion (ca 30 min).

People were appreciative, one participant wrote:

This is a very good and useful initiative with the follow up seminars. It gets you thinking in a good way! Very cool that you will do this regularly 😊

The first event took place on 25. October 2018 in Danish, we will repeat the topic in English on November 15. 15:00 CET, via Google Hangout. The topic addresses is value estimation,

  • How to get started with estimation of the value of backlog items.
  • What is the difference between “Must Have”, “Exciter” og “Satisfier” items (Kano analysis)?
  • Cost of Ownership, finding the optimal time to implement items.
  • Value follow-up, how to engage users and stakeholders.

Sign up via via email at and receive a link to participate via. Questions can also be sent to this address before the event.

— Kurt Nielsen

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