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General Stanley McChrystal: Team of Teams - General Stanley McChrystal (SMC), who from 2003 led the Joint Special Operations Task Force in Iraq, wrote a book called “Team of Teams” in 2015 about his learnings in Iraq and later in Afghanistan. The book recently came to my attention, and once I got hold of it I had to read it more or […]
Agile Lean Leadership – Afternoon seminar - We will give a quick introduction to Agile Lean Leadership in Oslo on the 22. of February together with Bouvet ASA. It is a præsentation, that was given at the Global Scrum Gathering in Dublin, it create a solid interest. Agile Lean Leadership is a concept for scaling Scrum, Agile and Lean out in the whole […]
Complexity once again: Liminal Cynefin - Often we find that it is the borderline areas of concepts that really define their true nature. So it is with complexity. Dave Snowden has once again, true to his nature, been pushing the boundaries of Cynefin. For some months we have seen his various ideas on how to cope with borders of complexity. There […]
Complexity – the human condition - Throughout most of the history of human civilization and society, mankind has had the understanding that we only have limited insight into cause and effect in the world. People have mostly seen this in a religious context, where God or gods of various dispositions controlled aspects of the world leaving mankind either to deal with […]
New initiative – a book - At AgileLeanHouse our vision is to see organizations getting better at creating value for those they serve. We try to move towards that vision in a number of ways by offering education, services and tools. Now there is a new initiative

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  • Nyt Scrum Master kursus, nu på engelsk
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2018-01-22 at 14:04

    Scrum Alliance har opdateret de “learning objectives” vi som Certified Scrum Trainers opererer under. Vi kører det første kursus efter den nye opskrift i Vejle den 1.-2. februar. Efter opfordringer fra flere kunder er det denne gang på engelsk. Så hvis nogen har engelsksprogede medarbejdere, er dette en god anledning […]

  • Scrum Master kursus i Oslo
    by Miriam Boytler on 2017-08-22 at 08:33

    Vi har nu i flere år holdt en lang række Certified Scrum Master kurser i samarbejde med Bouvet i Oslo og Stavanger, sidste kursus løb af stabelen her i august 2017. Der har været deltagere fra offentlige projekter, off-shore, den financielle sektor, web firmaer og generelle konsulenter. Der er noget […]

  • Hvordan man IKKE indfører Scrum! – Kapitel 3
    by Miriam Boytler on 2017-08-19 at 08:56

    Konstante afbrydelser Som den tredje måde at sørge for at en indførelse af Scrum mislykkes har vi så: Konstante afbrydelser. Der er dem, der vil sige, at det er den mest udbredte af alle grunde til at Scrum implementering mislykkes. Hvad mener vi med “afbrydelser”. I den her sammenhæng er […]

  • Hvordan man IKKE indfører Scrum! – Kapitel 2
    by Miriam Boytler on 2017-08-18 at 08:47

    Spred frygt, usikkerhed og tvivl! Tæt efter nummer et på listen over effektive måder at afspore indførelse af Scrum på finder vi en gammel klassiker: Den går ud på at sprede frygt, usikkerhed og tvivl. På engelsk kalder man dette princip FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), og spredningen af den […]

  • Hvordan man IKKE indfører Scrum! – Kapitel 1
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2017-08-17 at 15:02

    The most common way to fail in introducing Scrum is to call it Scrum, but to bastardize it beyond recognition. It can happen out of ignorance as well as with evil intent of proving Scrum to be a bad idea. Typically the argument goes like one of the following statements: […]

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