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New Agile Library - A new version of our much loved Agile Library with lots of Public Domain material collected over the years, has been released. The a look here… The latest description of ...
Agile in 60 Seconds - The term Agile is used in many ways, but at the very least it covers different sets of values, patterns, principles and methods to cope with working in environments of ...
How NOT to introduce Scrum and Agile! – 3 - Constant Interruptions As the third cause behind Scrum-implementation-failures, we present: Interruptions. There are those who might say that this is the most common cause leading to implementation failures. But what ...
How NOT to introduce Scrum and Agile! – 2 - Spread “FUD” (fear, uncertainty and doubt)! Coming in close after number one on the list of derailing the Scrum process, we find an old classic: It consists of spreading Fear, ...
Guns and Roses - No, this is not about the American hard rock band with the numerous internal fights and frictions, normally spelled “Guns N’ Roses”. It is instead about the quite surprising fact, ...

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  • Nyt Scrum Master kursus
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2018-03-22 at 14:04

    Scrum Alliance har opdateret de “learning objectives” vi som Certified Scrum Trainers opererer under. Vi kører et kursus efter den nye opskrift i Glostrup den 9.-10. april 2018. Der er ... […]

  • Hvordan man IKKE indfører Scrum og Agile! – 3
    by Miriam Boytler on 2018-02-19 at 08:56

    Konstante afbrydelser Som den tredje måde at sørge for at en indførelse af Scrum mislykkes har vi så: Konstante afbrydelser. Der er dem, der vil sige, at det er den ... […]

  • Hvordan man IKKE indfører Scrum og Agile! – 2
    by Miriam Boytler on 2018-02-18 at 08:47

    Spred “FUD” (frygt, usikkerhed og tvivl)! Tæt efter nummer et på listen over effektive måder at afspore indførelse af Scrum på finder vi en gammel klassiker: Den går ud på ... […]

  • Ny Scrum Guide og andet godt
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2018-01-01 at 08:04

    Ny Scrum Guide fra fædrene De to “fædre” til Scrum, Ken Schwaber og Jeff Sutherland, vedligeholder en kort “Scrum Guide”, hvor de prøver at fastholde de helt grundlæggende principper i ... […]

  • Scrum Master kursus i Oslo
    by Miriam Boytler on 2017-08-22 at 08:33

    Vi har nu i flere år holdt en lang række Certified Scrum Master kurser i samarbejde med Bouvet i Oslo og Stavanger, sidste kursus løb af stabelen her i august ... […]

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