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Online follow-up Events, next 10. January 15:00 CET - Continuing the free follow up webinars for those who have participated in our Scrum and Agile Lean Leadership courses. The format is a short presentation of an interesting or new ...
Confessions of a Scrum Trainer - “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned! It’s been a while since my last confession.” This sentence is the prologue to many a surprising new development in movies and novels.  ...
Agile Lean Leadership Foundation course in Malmö, Sweden - On the 7th of November we hold an Agile Lean Leadership Foundation course in Malmö, Sweden together with our colleague Arne Åhlander and in cooperation with Softhouse AB. Read more ...
New record in production of paper planes - During our different courses we often have an exercise in production of paper planes to see how to optimize value from a project. We are talking about the very effective ...
The Attraction of Classic Hierarchies - During the heat-wave over Europe this past summer, I realized that the little grey cells of our brains seem to suffocate and become slow and lazy in such conditions. It ...

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  • Ny test efter Certified Scrum Master kurser
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2019-01-16 at 19:13

    Scrum Alliance har opdateret certificeringsprocessen, der er nu en ny test i forbindelse med Certified Scrum Master kurser. Læs de følgende links, kontakt os, hvis der er behov for hjælp: ... […]

  • On-line opfølgning, webinarer
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2019-01-07 at 10:44

    Vi har gratis, periodiske opfølgningsseminarer for deltagere på vore kurser. Formatet af disse er en kort præsentation (ca 20 min) af et specifikt og/eller nyt emne, derefter er der mulighed ... […]

  • Ny test for Certified Scrum Master
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2019-01-04 at 10:46

    Kære kursister på Certified Scrum Master kursus   Scrum Alliance har netop i nat skiftet til en ny test uden at give os Scrum Trainers en chance til at informere ... […]

  • Rekorden i flyproduktion slået
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2018-10-16 at 08:06

    På vore forskellige kurser har vi ofte en lille øvelse, hvor deltagerene prøver at producere forskellige slags papir fly for at få mest muligt ud af et projekt. Der er ... […]

  • Nyt Product Owner kursus
    by Kurt Nielsen on 2018-10-12 at 14:04

    Vi har igen opdateret vore Certified Scrum Product Owner kurser med nyt indhold. Der er nu væsentlig mere med om værdi estimering og opfølgning på værdigenerering under projektet. Dette er ... […]

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