Agile Lean Leadership – Afternoon seminar

We will give a quick introduction to Agile Lean Leadership in Oslo on the 22. of February together with Bouvet ASA. It is a præsentation, that was given at the Global Scrum Gathering in Dublin, it create a solid interest.

Agile Lean Leadership is a concept for scaling Scrum, Agile and Lean out in the whole organization achieving the benefits of effectiveness and engagement that now for a couple of decades has been seen in individual Teams. Agile Lean Leadership is developed by a group of Scandinavian Scrum Trainers and Coaches.

The event is free and takes place at Bouvet’s facilities at Sørkedalsveien 8, 0369 Oslo from 16:30 to 18:00, we start with a light snack, the presentation is from 17:00. Come and join, sign up via email at See Bouvet’s post here…

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