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We are a Scandinavian energizer company providing education, support, mentoring and tools to organizations. We serve those, who for various reasons want to improve internally, but driven by improvement in their external relations with customers and beneficiaries.
We have over the years worked with companies in the IT sector, financial sector, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, large multinational corporations and institutions in the public sector. Some of these faced cultural issues, some have been on a burning technology platform and some simply were inspired to do better than they did before.

About AgileLeanHouse

Agile Lean House A/S was formed late 2014 with a vision to fulfil this goal by serving our clients through implementing Agile and Lean throughout the organization, based on our  many years of teaching and implementing Scrum in Teams.

We accomplish this goal through education, assistance and mentoring plus supply of tools. Sometimes we assist our clients in developing their own tools for improving the capability of their organization in creating value.

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